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We provide an SDK to easily integrate games within the portal. The SDK is in active development, and features will be added over time. Currently the SDK focuses on playing advertisements during your game.


Please be sure to read our advertisement guidelines, since your game will be rejected without any feedback if it doesn't follow them.

SDK integration

Once your games reach 50k gameplays (combined), we can offer you technical support with SDK integration. You're free to integrate the SDK before you reach 50k plays, but if you do so, we can not offer you support. Note that you'll also earn revenue without SDK advertisements (see the FAQ for details). The 50k gameplay requirement allows us to give each developer individual feedback on ad placements and integration. For Unity games, we recommend that you integrate the site-lock functionality through the Lite SDK directly from the start.

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You can use our QATool to test your SDK implementation. You can use the standalone version without creating a submission. With the QATool you can:

  • Run your game as it would on Crazygames.
  • Try out the main different resolutions that we use on the site.
  • Test all the SDK features that you implemented and get feedback about it.



The SDK enables you to quickly integrate advertisements in your game. Advertisements are displayed as an overlay on top of your game, while your game keeps running in the background. This enables you to request advertisement at strategic times when they are not intrusive for the end user. For example, when loading a new level, when a user has died, or even as a reward for the user (think of an extra life, a special starting item, ...).


If you have any questions, encounter a problem or have a feature request do not hesitate to contact us.