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FAQ & Contact


If you have any questions, encounter a problem, or have a feature request, get in touch. Before contacting us about a technical issue:

  • Please check your browser console first.
  • If you have issues with the QA Tool, please copy/paste the link to the QA Tool directly into your email.

Publishing your games

Can I publish a demo version of my game?

Yes, we accept playable demos as long as they feature enough high-quality content.

Can I test my game before publishing?

Yes, we provide a Q&A tool to test how your game will look on CrazyGames.

Do I still own the rights to my game if I upload it?

Yes, 100%. Do you want to double check? Read article 3.2 of our Terms & Conditions.

How do you decide which games to publish?

We accept a wide variety of games. Our Q&A team plays each submitted game to ensure they meet the level of quality players expect from CrazyGames. We reject games that do not meet our quality guidelines and/or are not suitable for our audience. For example, we do not accept games with too many bugs, games where the only available language isn't English, and games that aren't original. We never accept games that violate our Terms & Conditions or ethical code.

If you want more information about this subject, please read article 4 of the Terms & Conditions.

Which game technologies do you accept? Can I upload my mobile or desktop game?

You can publish games on CrazyGames using a wide variety of engines, including (but not limited to) Unity, Godot, Phaser, Construct, Pixi.js, BabylonJS, PlayCanvas, GameMaker. Our platform attracts both mobile and desktop users. It's not mandatory to have a mobile version of your game though.

What do I need to upload my game?

You only need your game files and a cover image.

Do you provide a SDK?

Yes, we provide you with an SDK for in-game advertisements and sitelock. Check out the SDK page for details. We currently offer an SDK for Unity WebGL and HTML & JavaScript games at the moment. In addition, we offer specific SDK adapters for Construct, Cocos, and GameMaker.

Does CrazyGames share links to the App Store / Play Store / Steam versions of the game?

Yes, absolutely. We're a big believer in cross-platform promotion. The browser is an ideal platform to try out new game-play concepts and to discover an audience. Many developers use CrazyGames to get an initial audience, receive feedback and tweak the game before publishing it on the App Store / Play Store / Steam. You can also check our blog post about cross-promotion.

Can I upload a game that has been published before?

Yes, and we encourage you to do this. CrazyGames has an audience of 35 million users. Publishing your game will increase your userbase tremendously.

Will you iframe my game if it’s hosted by another game portal?

We do not iframe games from competing browser game portals. If you would like your game to be featured on our portal you can upload it on If your game is published on its own domain, we still consider iframing it.

Will you iframe my game if it’s hosted on my own domain?

Yes, we consider it a regular submission. Keep in mind that games hosted on external domains (or submitted game files of such games) only generate revenue if our SDK is correctly integrated.

What dimensions should my game be?

The container that will contain your game will be either 922x487px or 938x503px or 1128x615px (depending on the user's screen size) which is approximately a 1.8 aspect ratio. Your game should fit in these dimensions.

Can I implement a chat function in my game?

Yes, however, make sure to monitor the chat and implement a profanity filter. Offensive language is prohibited in the CrazyGames portals. Read more about it in article 4.4 of our Terms & Conditions.

Do I need to add a CrazyGames logo to my game?

No if it is not a HTML5 exclusive submission, but it is appreciated. If you want to add our logo to your game, you can pick one from our assets page.

How do I know if my game has been accepted or not?

We’ll let you know via email.

Can I submit a rejected game again?

Only if you have improved your game and it follows our quality guidelines.

Does Crazy Games accept portrait games or games only meant to be played on mobile?

We allow vertical/portrait games to be published, especially if they are mobile friendly, either with displaying black bars or background images around on the sides to make them also playable on the desktop version properly. You are responsible for the way the game is displayed though, there are multiple ways to set an appropriate ratio and get the "black bars".

How long does it take for an update to go live?

Normally the update will be processed within the day (working days and hours). After the update is live, it will be reflected to the players once the cache is refreshed.

Which countries do you accept submissions from?

We accept submissions from every country and nationality, without any restriction. Quality is what matters.

Managing my games after publication

Can I upload my game to other portals?

Yes, absolutely. You can upload your game to any other portal. If you like you can also choose to offer the game exclusively on CrazyGames in exchange for a 50% increase in revenue share. You can read more about this subject in article 5.3 of our Terms & Conditions.

Can I see the traffic my game is receiving?

Yes, there is a dashboard inside your developer portal to track the stats of your games.

Do I receive player feedback?

Yes, every time a player gives a negative vote to your game, they're prompted to provide feedback. You can manage if you want to receive this feedback by email or not.

Can I update my game? How?

Yes, you can update your game through your developer account. Only replace the current files and send them again for approval.

How is the ranking of the games calculated?

We use a popularity based ranking system. The system tries to rank games in such a way that players can easily find the best games. We also take into account factors that stimulate fair competition among different games. That is for example why new games get a boost. In general, it is all about users' engagement stats, for example, play counts, average playtime, return rate, popularity, votes, etc. Each of them contributes to the overall ranking (if all of them is higher, then it is more likely that the game will rank better). What is important to know is that we don't offer "pay-to-feature" options. At CrazyGames we believe that the players know best, that is why our ranking system is based only on player statistics. This makes our platform entirely different from others. If you want to know more about this subject, read article 5.1 of our Terms & Conditions.

Will my game appear on the homepage of CrazyGames?

Yes. Every new game submitted through the Developer Portal gets a fair shot by being guaranteed 48 hours on the homepage*. We do this to stimulate fair competition among different games. After the initial 48 hours, your game still gets a bonus for the next 6 days. Whether the game stays on the homepage depends on its popularity and user engagement ( session duration, return rate, ratings, ...). Assuming no excessive submissions are made, the game is not low-quality, and the game contains no external advertisements.

Earning money with my games

Will I earn money by publishing my game?

Yes, if the game satisfies the following conditions:

  • The game doesn't contain branding from another games portal.
  • The game doesn't contain external advertisements.
  • The game and its total assets must maintain a level of originality that make it distinguishable from existing games.
  • The game integrates the CrazyGames SDK.

If you want to know more about these conditions, read article 5.3 of our Terms & Conditions.

Can I choose any ad provider for my game?

No, we provide our SDK for in-game advertisements. Check out the SDK page for details. We currently offer an SDK for Unity WebGL, HTML, and JavaScript games.

My game is published on Steam, Google Play store, Apple App Store or Facebook, is it still eligible for revenue share?

Yes, you can read article 5.3 of our Terms & Conditions.

How much will I earn?

It depends on the popularity of the game, the engagement rate, and the interest of advertisers. Integrating our SDK and ads inside the game will greatly affect how much you'll earn. If you'd like to know more about this subject, you can read article 5.4 of our Terms & Conditions.

How can I increase my revenue?

We offer a time-based exclusivity option that will increase your revenue share by 50%! If you would like to receive this 50% increase, you have to accept the following conditions.

  • You should make the game exclusively available on CrazyGames for two months following the release date. (You can still distribute the game on Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Facebook.)
  • You should implement the SDK, including in-game advertisements.
  • You need to allow CrazyGames to distribute your game to other portals. The revenue earned on websites of distribution partners will, of course, be shared with you.

Note that by default your revenue share is reduced to the standard share after the two months exclusivity period. Then you are free to upload your game to other portals.

You can ask us to extend the exclusivity period by emailing us.

The correct ad placement plays a crucial role in your game's revenue. You can take a look at our advertisement guidelines for tips. After your game reaches 50k plays, we also provide personal advertisement advice.

How will I be paid?

The payout is monthly with a minimum of 80 euros. If the revenue doesn't reach 80 euros in a month, it's carried over to the next month. We pay via wire transfer or Paypal. If you want to know more about this subject, read article 5.6 and 6 of our Terms & Conditions.

Making games

Do I need to learn coding to make web games?

If you want to make awesome games, knowing how to program will make life much easier. Most of the games on our site use Unity, Phaser, or other game development frameworks that require coding knowledge. However, game engines like GDevelop give players the option to make games without learning code.