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Happy time

The happytime() method can be called on various player achievements (beating a boss, reaching a highscore, etc.). It makes the website celebrate (for example by launching some confetti). There is no need to call this when a level is completed, or an item is obtained.;

Gameplay start/stop

We provide functions that enable us to track when and how users are playing your games. These can be used to ensure our site does not perform resource-intensive actions while a user is playing.

The gameplayStart() function has to be called whenever the player starts playing or resumes playing after a break (menu/loading/achievement screen, game paused, etc.).

The gameplayStop() function has to be called on every game break (entering a menu, switching levels, pausing the game, ...) don't forget to call gameplayStart() when the gameplay resumes.;;

This feature lets you share the Crazygames version of your game with the players and invite them to join a multiplayer game. You can call inviteLink with a map of parameters that correspond to your game or game room.

localVars.inviteLink = await{ roomId: 12345, param2: "value", param3: "value" });

You can check for invite parameters with the getInviteParameter() function as follows.

localVars.roomId ="roomId") || "Parameter is missing in the URL";