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Guidelines for Advertisements

Please be sure to read our advertisement guidelines, since your game will be rejected without any feedback if it doesn't follow them.

Show banners

Our SDK allows you to display ad banners directly into your game. Here are the available sizes:

  • 728x90
  • 300x250
  • 320x50
  • 468x60
  • 320x100

To request ad banners you can call the requestBanners() function like in the following code:

await window.ConstructCrazySDK.banner.requestBanners([
    id: "main-menu-banner-1",
    width: 300,
    height: 250,
    x: 0,
    y: 0,
    id: "main-menu-banner-2",
    width: 300,
    height: 250,
    x: 922 - 300, // display banner in right corner, 922 is layout width, 300 banner width
    y: 0,

The method takes a single argument which is an array of banners, so you can request also 1 banner for example. When calling the method, all the previous banners will be removed. If you need to refresh the banners, call the method again with the same banner list.

You have to specify all 5 parameters for each banner:

  • id: a unique id to identify the banner
  • x: the horizontal position for the banner, from the bottom left screen corner
  • y: vertical position of the banner, from the bottom left screen corner
  • width: the banner width
  • height: the banner height

The banners have some limitations:

  • You can display up to two banners of each size at the same time at once (ex: 728x90 and 300x250, two 300x250, ...). We ask you to make a reasonable usage of banners in order not to deteriorate the player’s experience.
  • You can refresh a banner simply by re-executing the banner request. You'll have to wait a minimum of 60 seconds before refreshing a banner. You can do a maximum of 60 refreshes per banner for a game session.
  • The banner has to be fully inside the game window and not overlap with any UI element. If the banner is outside the window, even by 1 pixel, it will not be displayed.

Hide banners

If you need to hide all the displayed banners, call this method:

await window.ConstructCrazySDK.banner.hideAllBanners();