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Construct 3 SDK


Looking for the old Construct 3 SDK? You can find it here.

All the functionality of our SDK is showcased in this demo project. To avoid weird browser behaviour, right click the link, and select Save link as.


In your Main script, add the following lines at the bottom.

const sdkElem = document.createElement("script");
sdkElem.type = "text/javascript";
sdkElem.src = "";

If you don't have yet a Main script, right-click on the "Scripts" folder in the "Project" view, and create a new script. In the "Properties" panel, ensure the script purpose is set to "Main script".



The CrazyGames SDK is not working with Construct "Worker mode". "Worker mode" can be disabled by selecting your project in the "Project" panel, going to "Advanced", and setting "Use worker" to "No"


When using our SDK with Construct preview, you will see fake ads. To see the real behavior of your game like it would be on Crazygames, use our QATool with the HTML5 engine.

About using the SDK

The SDK functionality is implemented in JavaScript, so for calling various features from the SDK, you will need to add scripts to your event sheets. When right-clicking on your events, you will get an "Add script" option, which will add a small text editor where you can write the code.