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Quality guidelines

These guidelines are to ensure only high-quality games that adhere to best practices end up reaching our players. They should be used alongside our standard policies and other guides such as our ads SDK guide where applicable.

These standards set the bar of entry and are all taken into consideration when we are manually reviewing your game submissions.

Whether a game is "good" or "bad" can often be subjective, but there are best practices learned from our experiences with successful games. The following list is non-exhaustive.

Is your game easy to play? Are the rules and objectives clear?

Attributes of a web game that adheres to best practices:

  • There are clear goals that the player can reach.
  • Errors don't hinder the experience.
  • The game loads quickly.
  • The game is easy to learn.
  • The game is easy to understand — the language is correct and clear, well translated, or the game makes good use of universal graphics prompts.
  • The game is either immediately intuitive, has a tutorial, or has very clear help features.
  • Chats and usernames should be well moderated and inappropriate words should either be censored or blocked.
  • The controls are consistent and intuitive.
  • Start and progression are clear.
    • Buttons are clearly labeled to indicate how to proceed.
    • Buttons are not sized to encourage ads or other behaviors.
    • Buttons do not have delays to confuse users or encourage other behaviors.
  • Games function and can be played on their intended device (desktop and if supported mobile).
    • Games support mouse, keyboard, and touch if mobile is supported.

If your game runs on mobile devices, be sure to select the correct supported orientation. If you select only "Portrait" or "Landscape", the website will make sure your game can be played only in those orientations, by asking the users to rotate their devices. Thus, you don't need to implement any orientation lock logic.

Mobile orientation

Games that don’t meet our standards may crash after loading, have controls that keep changing or are poorly laid out, or have a generally poor user experience due to unclear language and confusing prompts.

What makes your game a fun experience?

Attributes of a web game that adheres to best practices:

  • The game responds quickly to the player's actions.
  • The challenge, strategy, and game story are balanced and well-paced.
  • The display layout is comfortable and intuitive.
  • The audio is comfortable and appropriate for the game.
  • The game interface is designed for its intended device (desktop and optionally mobile).
  • Various players can enjoy the game.
  • The game story or scenarios are interesting where applicable.
  • There are no overly repetitive or "boring" tasks in the game.
  • The game processes information quickly to give players a feeling of smooth flow and continuity.
  • Solo play and playing with friends:
    • Playing alone is as prominent as playing with friends if both are offered.
    • If playing alone is not available, the game clearly explains that.

Games that don’t meet our standards may feature inappropriate audio, be too difficult for players to progress, feature too many menial and uninteresting tasks, or have disruptive ads that ruin the experience and make the player quit.

Is your game unique?

Attributes of a web game that adheres to best practices:

  • It should be easy to improve or modify the game to add new content like new levels, art, story elements, etc.
  • Major features such as the game's genre should not change after submission.
  • The game should be frequently maintained and updated.
  • The game is not easily confused with another that features a similar name or iconography.
  • The game does not use a common identifier unless the game developer owns the respective IP.
    • E.g. the name “Super Chess” is unique and clear, while simply “Chess” is not.
    • The name “Scrabble” is clear and unique, but can only be used by the IP holder.

Is your game aesthetically pleasing?

Attributes of a web game that adheres to best practices:

  • Graphics should be of high quality.
    • High resolution — quality games are visually pleasing.
    • Quality games have consistent resolution throughout the game.
    • Quality games are free of graphical defects like compression artifacts.
  • Audio should be of high quality
    • Audio levels are consistent.
    • Sounds aren't too loud or quiet
    • Any music in the game complements the visual experience

In addition to having no technical graphical issues, the game is internally consistent, coherent, and has attractive visuals. The games aesthetic style should remain consistent and not switch between looks i.e. moving from realistic to cartoony, or high resolution to low resolution.

The game is clear about what it is. It isn't misleading and is clear about what genre and type of game it is overall. The name and imagery presented on CrazyGames should reflect accurately the type of game the player will experience. The game only changes its name and associated imagery where totally necessary, such as when a significant update or visual overhaul of the game takes place.

How is your ads placement?

Read our specific ads guidelines here.

In-game ads and purchases should provide a meaningful and rich experience for the player and should not appear before the user has experienced a reasonable amount of gameplay.

Most importantly, in-game ads should not:

  • Interrupt gameplay
  • Trigger deceptively
  • Chain multiple ads

If a submitted game features ads that interrupt gameplay, run back-to-back, or are prompted deceptively, it will slow down the submission of your game and you will have to correct it.

Is the game an experience in itself?

Every game should stand alone on the platform and should not be used purely as a way to drive players to other websites, games, or platforms. It should stand as a unique and enjoyable experience for the player, and be a destination and experience in itself. While developers are welcome to cross-promote their own products in compliance with our policies and guidelines, such cross-promotion should be incidental and not the primary function of a game, nor should it be overbearing or take up too much of a game’s screen space.

It should be noted that CrazyGames will be enforcing a breach of this guideline not only on the infringing game, but also on the games that are being promoted and the developers involved.

We are not trying to find the perfect game, we are trying to ensure that your good game can be found by players who want to play it without having to sift through inappropriate content. Our goal is to only allow games that focus on gameplay and quality to reach players.

The CrazyGames quality guidelines are modeled on the best practices guide for Facebook games.